Toyota of Puyallup 5,000 Mile Service Package | Puyallup, WA

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Looking to get your oil and oil filter changed? Due for a tire rotation? Ready to get your vehicle cleaned with a spot free wash and vacuum? Want to have an expert inspect your vehicle for any potential issues as well as top off some essential fluids? The next time you are near Puyallup, WA, get each of these services completed with the Toyota of Puyallup 5,000 Mile Service Package!

  Price Oil & Filter Fluids Filled Tire Rotation Multi-Point Inspection Spot Free Wash and Vacuum
Toyota of Puyallup


$71.95* OR $82.99*
Jiffy Lube $89.95 X X   X  
Gregg's Japanese Auto $69.99 X X   X  


*5K Synthetic Blend (conventional) models - $71.95 (V8 models higher)
5K Full Synthetic models - $82.95 (V8 models higher)

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As you can see, there are two prices available for the Toyota of Puyallup 5,000 Mile Service Package. If your vehicle requires conventional oil, you will receive all five services for the low price of $71.95. With synthetic oil, the Toyota of Puyallup 5,000 Mile Service Package will cost only $82.95.

You’ll also notice that, comparing to local competitors, Toyota of Puyallup offers higher quality service for an affordable price. Neither competitor offers a tire rotation or a vehicle cleaning with their packages. Our package is much more affordable than Jiffy Lube and even includes a free cleaning and tire rotation. Compared to Gregg’s Japanese Auto, the prices are similar but the extra we provide will give you a much better value. Overall, you can expect the best deals on vehicle maintenance here at Toyota of Puyallup.

Ready to schedule vehicle service in Puyallup, WA? To schedule right on our website, simply click the button above and submit our online form. Prefer to speak with one of our talented mechanics? Call our service department at (253) 286-6100 or visit us at 1400 River Road here in Puyallup. We look forward to working with you soon!

Mechanic rotating the tires on a white car
Close up of oil being poured from a container
Mechanic rotating the tires on a white car
Rear angle of a red car going through a car wash